Head Above Water

Just trying to keep my head above water because I didn’t get to bed until around 2:30 last night and had to get up at 7:30.  I am not sleeping well at all – wasn’t up late or anything i just couldn’t sleep.  I’m sleeping like an old person.  After a really good day of flexibility yesterday flexibility class was ok, not great, but everything keeps rolling. 

In dance we presented the 2×8 piece that The Hotshot and I did.  It wasn’t too bad but the music was faster than I remembered so we had to combine some of the things and cut some of the things which all worked out for the best in the end. 

I was thinking about skipping equilibre with Larissa based on what Isabelle had said about not doing extra work if you are tired, but in the end, i’m glad that i did because i got to do a three person high handstand column with The Clown and The Dreamer.  Byamba wasn’t there again today but Larissa also showed us some of the things that we’ll need to do and said that she wants Daniella to view our class at this evaluation. 

Acro and trampo were typical, and had equilibre with Byamba’s student whose girlfriend was a student at the school who was the victim of a car accident.  He gave me some things to think about when holding handstands against the wall like keeping your hips against the wall and not having your arm moving in space but rather moving your body relative to the arm while the arm stays completely parallel in space – that was helpful.  He also suggested that I not remove my finger when doing one arm drills on the canes. 

Then I did juggling with The Clown.  Both of our legs are really hurting because of movement, we think, so we didn’t do much with the hats but worked on our intro with the clubs.  Alex was back today and it was cool to see him around. 

The Contortionist wasn’t in dance class today because her boyfriend came back from Belgium yesterday and she was sure to tell me that they were up late “not sleeping.”  The Clown and I also talked about the personalities of The Tumbler’s unique Quebecois family.  

I really need to sleep today or I’ll just die tomorrow.  Sleep is really important but really hard for me to keep constant.

Handstand tableau in the National Circus School of Montreal annual show

Circus Crush

Morning equilibre, not as good as last night, but what can you expect?

Did pullups with weight in preparation physique today.

Skipped trampo minor due to knee problems, and slept in sauna instead.

Talked with Alex about just doing static cradle, and he said, ‘Tanabe, understand well, it is called intro to arial, not arial minor.  It is alright.”

Did my first mount on cradle it was fun.

I have my front and back giants back on barre fixe, which is nice.

I am starting to find ways to put juggling skills together into a routine, which will be nice for busking purposes.

One of the other first years is a pain in the butt in that he really can’t take people joking about him, but will be as cruel as he wants to others.  He looks a lot like a guy on a ‘youth and alcohol’ booklet that we all had to read, but was upset when I told him that, and was pretty mean in finding something to say to me about it.   I laughed.  That’s all there is to it.  He’s getting a bad reputation for dropping partners.

Main a main was with Natalie today, and we just played around.  Learned a lot, though.

The Trapezist was all happy because her exboyfriend emailed her.  I said that she gives him a lot of power that way.  She was mad at me because I mentioned how women get emotionally affected by what other people say about their bodies, but that came up because of some things that Russian speaking equilibre student overheard about Larissa saying about his girlfriend.  The Trapezist said that she needs someone to make her feel good as a teacher.  I had to disagree.

Jinny Jacintho was subbing today.  Everyone knows I’m have a fan crush on her but I didn’t get a chance to talk with her.  I hope I get another chance.  The Clown was upset I didn’t grab this one.

Evaluation concept was interesting.  We kind of nailed down the juggling portion of the show, but I had to step into a much more directorial role.  I didn’t mind, but at the end, we all sat down and talked about the working situation.  Of course the usual suspects missed the meetings.  We decided to have non-mandatory writing meetings that would be led by The Clown and myself, and that rehearsals would be when that writing is presented to the group.  People were pretty receptive to it.

Pizza night was pretty tame, I wanted to leave early to get on with the Journal and to hopefully get some sleep.

I start to find The Dreamer cute.

I broke the dance bar with The Acrobat last Monday.  Oops.

Car packed with all the equipment needed for an acrobatic circus streetshow

Hookups and Checkouts

Alright, lets get up to date:

Injury on trampoline due to hyperextension on bad vrie-dos landing.

Evaluations are absolutely harsh!

Movement my best class?

The Contortionist being nice and flirty with me.

The Trapezist interested in her old boyfriend?

The Artist hooked up with one of the upperclass girls?

One of the first years taking a dive (‘back injury’) in main-a-main.

Me dying and taking a sick day on Friday.

One of my recreational kids doing a header on a 1 ½ front without my permission.

Hellish recreational kids!

Me getting into honors flexibility “etirement.”

Moving into my new room in the apartment.

The American leaving for the Trapezium.

Another first year acting like he will follow suit.

German wheel girl needing to leave to take care of her ill mother.

First good column-a-trois.

My first time being the top of a column-a-trois.

Longest one-handed handstand today.

The Trapezist’s record is 5 sec – the competition is on!

Continual reinjury sucks!

Evaluation concept working okay, but some of the personalities make things hard.

The group confronted one of them who had missed more meetings than he has made, “I don’t give a fuck.”

Another one has only made two meetings so far.

That’s all I can remember.  One or two more updates coming up before resuming with dailies, I think.

Circus acrobat on stage at a street performing festival in Spain

Headache Again

No flexi teacher today!  Interesting observation on differences in training philosophies: no one wanted to do flexi with me last night, because we had flexi today, but no one worked on flexi today when there was no teacher!  I was pretty stiff, though.  The lady from the magazine that was supposedly going to talk to me was around, but she did not talk to me.

Dance went okay, we had our presentations today.  Daniela and Pierrette came up to watch them.  I was not to happy with the way that our piece turned out, but I’m glad its over and it was fun working with The Trampolinist, anyway.  I found out later it was Martine’s birthday, but I don’t think anyone knew.

Equilibe was fun.  I like that Larissa is so tough on me.  We did headstands today too, for my first time.  I wasn’t holding things very well, though.  Larissa pulled The Clown’ hair on his legs when he fell once.  On purpose, according to The Clown.  Welcome to Eastern Europe!  The The Trapezist and me rumor is getting pretty out of control.  I’m sure it will die down eventually.

When I couldn’t afford apple juice with my 81 cents I tried to get support from everyone in the cafeteria to smash the machine open and feast on the juice inside.  And then call the company up and tell them that the machine is broken.  No takers.

I was exhausted in acro.  Maybe due to not eating enough lately and also maybe due to the fact that I woke up at 5 with another darn headache.  Trampoline conditioning was hard for me for the first time, but maybe also because I was hungry and tired with no water.  Time to fix that crap.

Then my first handstands class with Byamba officially with him there.  It was fun.  Same exercises, but I just tried to work really hard to make the best of it.  I have decided to use a three-finger grip in Byamba’s class despite Larissa having me use a two-fingered grip.  I don’t bend my arms anyway, so I don’t think it will matter much.

I was all set to go after equilibre, but then when I was in the shower, I found out The Trapezist wanted to do flexi with me.  I got teased for that.  We did straddle, pike, splits, toe point.  All good.  Afterwards, I played a bit with windmills and learning circles on equipment in the gym.  It was fun, and then I did all my grocery shopping for quite some time I think.  Tech talk is supposed to call me tonight to do an alumni profile.  Hope I do a good job.

Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montreal's first year class


Back to early days, but I wimped out and left around 6:30 to shop and finish moving in to my room.  Had my first flexibility class with The Contortionist and a bunch of other kids.  I was the second worst in the class, but nonetheless, I think that I will improve quickly with Byamba’s help. 

I’m learning some cool stuff from my Brazilian (?) tumbling coach.  He’s helping me with a lot of my basic tumbling. 

Trampoline is going, but man, it’s frustrating to spend so much time learning these beginner skills.  Ah well.  Necessary. 

Also had my first dance class.  My only strength here is that I am pretty good at rhythm and memorizing steps.  I think that they are trying to develop our ability to memorize things right from the get go, which I am looking forward to.  I am also looking forward to developing correct body position and all that.  The teacher liked my definition of dance:  “movement or stillness with or without music.”  

I was eating my huge lunch today and The Tumbler was laughing about all the food that I had around me.  He said “in a week, everyone will be doing what you do.”  

I also talked with The Contortionist about how many times in a day we say “Un peu.” We estimate about a hundred.   

Byamba approched me today after my second hour of handbalancing to ask if I wanted to work with him officially more regularly.  With Straps Guy translating, he said that I have a lot of talent and the right body for it.  Also, I think he likes that I work hard.  During flexibility with him, though, I feel a lot of sharp pain in my calf.  I have to check that!  Anyway, I hope that he wasn’t talking about changing minors, because I really want to keep working with Caroline on tissus/tramp.  He and I will talk to the head of education tomorrow. 

Tonight I walked home with The Clown and The Tumbler, and we ran into The Aerialist.  They briefed me on Quebecer etiquette.  I learned that I need to shake hands when I say goodbye and kiss girls when I say goodbye.  I hope they don’t think that I’m a total jerk by now!  The Clown made up a really funny stupid clown character that cracked us all up.  God, he’s good at that stuff.

We also talked about girls and stuff.  The Tumbler has a crush on someone (don’t know who), and The Clown says that all the guys think that The Contortionist is beautiful, but they all agree that she and I would make the best couple despite the age difference, which he says doesn’t matter.  I don’t know.  It feels like summer camp gossip, but it’s fun.   

Anyway, looking forward to tomorrows ITA and Tissus/tramp.