New Year’s Card

In advance of our January 22nd to 27th trip to Tokyo I’ve sent out a New Year’s card to everyone I’ve been in touch with in Japan since last year, including the producer from Tokyo Movies, the two producers from Adco, the dance festival producer, the Tokyo dance festival producers, the circus producers, the Canadian embassy, the directors of the National Theatre in Tokyo, and the special event producers.

Now that we can show videos of our festival and a show that is now confirmed for the first-ever North American tour of an Asian-produced New Circus Show, circus/dance hybrid works, circus education programs, and special events that we have been producing in Thailand, Lithuania, Hong Kong, and India over the last month and a half in cooperation with corporate sponsors and Canadian Consulates, I’m hoping that we’ll have more luck moving forwards in Japan!

At the end of the 2006 I am managing the operations of a company that specializes in international co-productions, particularly in Asia. We directed the National Theater of Taiwan’s 2006 Open-Air Arts Festival which hosted over 250,0000 visitors over one week.

With the support of the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei, we were able to invite eight Canadian circus artists to collaborate with local acrobats and martial artist for an opening and closing ceremony performance that played to over 30,000 people.  This performance is now preparing for a limited Asian tour in 2007 and a world tour in 2008. It has also opened to doors for similar collaborations in India and Thailand, which all fits into our company’s vision of facilitating international artistic collaboration through the medium of Canadian New Circus.

More recently, we hosted the largest-ever Asian delegation to the CINARS Arts Market in Montreal and arranged tours of Tohu, Cirque du Soleil, and the National Circus School of Canada as well as speaking on a conference on international collaboration and creation in the performing arts.

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