Regrouping In Taiwan

I’ll be returning to Taiwan on the 7th of January for a couple of weeks for video editing, sightseeing, and gym training in addition to a bit of business.  I’ll be staying at the TAV in a small studio without a private bathroom since this is their peak season, but the total cost of the room will be about 20 dollars a night, so it’s perfect.

The Firebreather has asked me to help him with a job offer for ten days of three shows a day in Singapore.  I recommended that he first ask what their budget is.  They will probably not answer.  I would suggest asking for an after-tax show fee based on what I know about Cirque Theatrical rates assuming he does 5 minutes or more a show excluding transport, room, board, and insurance. Of course, that’s my opinion only based on what I would offer an acrobat were I sourcing talent for such an event.

One of the best Cyr Wheel artists in the world right now (and a really great guy), The Cyrist, contacted The Rocker with his video, so I invited him as well and added him to our database too.  Makes me realize that I need to send out a general call for more people’s videos as we need their stuff on DVD in order to propose them to producers.

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