…And One Step Back

Goddamn it. Remind me from now on whenever I have a great negotiation that it probably means something bad is going to happen the next day. I just had a shitty day, getting feedback that since The Matriarch is not sure if it would be worth paying us to come in February since the theater will be empty and the potential students in the Hill Tribes will be away for their school entrance exams.  This means that things are not going to work until March at the earliest, more probably April. which means that February – March is completely up in the air.  Maybe that is the time to go to Hawaii and just live the life of a normal guy, talking with my grandparents and drinking with them every night.

It is hard to know, I feel like the theatre is just testing me a little, trying to see if the budget changes when they tell me that they cannot afford it. My policy is not to change it and to say that we will talk about it when we get something signed, but it is a pain in the ass. when I didn’t budge, they said, well, maybe they can bring me in March, but we will see.  I do not feel like the budget was over the top.

Then I had a shitty day teaching because I was depressed about that, and I got my nose broken.  Yuk.  I hope I will be in a better mood tomorrow. Tonight, I feel (and look) like a real monster.

But then I remembered that The Rocker is a salesman extraordinaire for developing projects so I pitched him the idea that between the older and more advanced students that will be at the theater, the younger students, with whom I might be able to start a beginning training program, the producer’s venue, research work for the show, and the Canadian embassy, etc., he might be able to figure out a way to support us in Thailand over Chinese New Year if he could also sell it as a time to write the show on paper with The Matriarch if she could just cover room and board, and maybe transport over.  He loved that idea, saying that we should take that angle and consider it an investment in the future – “this one is on us!”

In any case, I told her that he might be contacting her by email this week about February and the future and that once we get the budget we can talk more concretely about how to approach the writing, creation, and training for this show.

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