Jungle Bowl

Taipei feels like a modern city carved out of a jungle.  Vines, weeds, and trees grow out of the sides of brick buildings like a first step towards complete reclamation.  Taiwanese geckos scream at you from third-story windowpanes like miniature banshees.  In my room this evening another goddamned giant spider leaped out of my closet and stared at me until I trapped it in a purple trash can and escorted it outside.  Palm trees and ferns take over tin-roofed shacks and vacant lots while abandoned tobacco plantations adorn the city center like fenced-in tropical rain forests.  We are surrounded by green mountains and humid, sinuous, mist hangs over damp streets.

The weather has cooled drastically the last couple of days; it feels like autumn in the tropics.  Strange to feel like I need a long-sleeved shirt when the temperature dips below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

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