Taipei Fashion: 2006

Alright.  I love:

  • Taipei eyewear (Elongated rectangular frames made with thick black plastic frames).
  • Taipei women’s hairdos (Unlike the Japanese style which is like a weird bouffant-mullet (think puffy jellyfish and you are pretty close), the Taiwanese in-do is layered in its thinning which gives a very sleek, shaped form which emphasizes slim backs and subtle curves.  Also, I am glad that the "bleaching hair a dull babyshit-brown" fad has not yet made its way over here yet.  Ling-Chen, my fearless cultural guide and co-worker assures me that the Taiwanese are doing their best to remedy that situation, however.  I pray for failure.)
  • Taipei scooters (Really, I had my first scooter ride last night and it was like seeing a whole new city.  The scooter culture is like this free-flowing roadbound travelling band that hears snippets of each other’s conversations at every red light.  My only discomfort came from feeling like my testicles were encroaching on Wei An’s sovereign ass-space every deceleration or two.  Also, not knowing where to put my hands.  Jesus, I wanted a ride home, not a refresher course in seventh-grade school-dance awkwardness.)
  • Taipei 101 (okay, maybe it is an architectural monstrosity like all my artists friends claim, but I still like that the world’s tallest building is in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of town.   It looks tall and new and bold.  Maybe in five years I will think it looks dated, but for now, it’s ok.)
  • Taipei English tax (Eat a bowl of noodles at a shop with a chinese menu – 30 NTD (less than $1 US).  That same bowl of noodles at a shop where your typical tourist knows what he’s ordering – 150 NTD (about $5 US))

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