Spicy food here is good, the apartment I’m in puts Tokyo gaijin houses to shame.

Taiwanese girls are sexy.  It’s very different from the Mediterranean-style Korean girl sexy, but they still drop your jaw and kick your teeth out.  For example, I saw a stage setup in Ximen (the Taiwanese Shibuya) where some hiphop girls were dancing.  You can imagine how cute a setup like that would look in Japan, right?  Well here it was unashamed tits, hips, and midriffs shaking all over the place.  Kawaii it was not.

It is strange how The Flamenca and I so quickly shot off to opposite ends of the earth.  Thursday I go to Taiwan, Saturday she went to Madrid…what a life.  Things change so much and so quickly.  I think of her when I listen to her music as I fall asleep.  It keeps the Taiwanese phantoms away.  The last week we spent in Tokyo feels like a distant dream already.

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