The performance for the press conference went perfectly, and tomorrow Taiwan Production tells me that I will be in all the fucking papers.  I’ve already received offers to do some Taiwanese variety shows and we are proposing some advertising campaigns next week.

It didn’t go off without a hitch, however.  We were supposed to run a technical setup and rehearsal the night before at 9, but the media department was inflexible in letting us do that.  We needed to meet their schedule, on top of working for free and losing sleep the night before my performance, but we decided to make a good faith effort despite our explanation that it was not the way things were supposed to work.

Things were bordelique, we were unhappy and we didn’t get things done.  Today we had to redo a lot of the tech set-up, they were using some trademarked content of one of the shows that is in the festival without permission, and they had their magic clowns doing all kinds of strangeness.  That morning we were running around like mad, so I didn’t really get a chance to rehearse.

In the evening, things barely worked.  I had no idea when I was supposed to be ready, so I ended up naked and freezing backstage for 30 minutes before my number.  Not a good idea, really.  I had no one to tell me when I needed to be in place and on top of it all I was in a drafty overly-air conditioned hallway, the night before, one of our team members accidentally pushed an alarm button looking for a light, the marketing team said we didn’t have showers but we actually did, the bank was mad at the marketing department and so on and so on…

I stepped out on stage and was amazed at the noise… cameras whirring, shutters clicking…. I felt like I was in a typing pool.  I was just trying to get through this number that I hadn’t performed in two years.  In the end, I did it, and just about perfectly.  Better than I could have done it 2 years ago.  Fuck.  After all this time, I guess I really am a professional after all.

I was told that the press was holding their breath throughout the whole conference.  This is actually quite unusual, I am told – usually they talk on their cell phones, rustle around, look at their watches.  The comment was that my performance brought class and quality to an otherwise typically shoddy Taiwanese press conference.  There is a thing about quality.  I know people can sense it.

I was interviewed by a reporter and was happy to see that I would be featured in the paper.  Everyone in the project – us, the national theater, the bank, the marketing department, were very happy.  People finally understood why we made all the demands we did and were satisfied by the results.  And the bank didn’t like the clowns.  The head of the theater hugged The Rocker (this doesn’t happen ever) and he was introduced to the president of the bank and the president of their arts board.

What was interesting was that as my colleagues were all treating me like the man of the hour, the Taiwanese crew, the staff of the bank, and the National Theatre picked up on it and started treated me with deference as well.  I was told that this is very unusual treatment for an acrobat in Taiwan.

Fuck it all, anyways.  Two hours later, I had to be leading a rehearsal.

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