Taiwan Eating Diary: Sechuan

Jesus Christ.  No matter how much people rave about a particular destination’s cuisine, I am rarely blown away by an eating experience.  Consequently, I was prepared for a big Taiwan cuisine let-down.  If last night’s outing to a Sechuan restaurant was any indication, I might quickly regain the 10 kilos I shed in Tokyo.

The restaurant is typical of delicious Taipei resaurants: not much to look at, train-of-thought free-association hard-core gangster-rap dining music, slow service, and – happily – excellent food.

My favorite was the spicy chicken.  It was impossible to prepare myself for the many levels of flavor that attacked my mouth one after another.  It’s tangy, no it’s sweet, now its fire, and now it’s a savory lemon… and then gone.  No aftertaste, no need to gulp your Tsing Tao to drown out a lingering slow-burn, just a fleeting memory of the tasty birdflesh.  Then you eat some more.

The garlic shrimp was a little plain, but the whitefish fell apart in my mouth while spilling garlicy goodness.  Tofu dishes and a free desert of carmelized sweet potatoes followed.

More restauranting details to follow in these three months, I’m sure.

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