The Secret to Productive Creativity

I know that it is a truism, but for the first time in my life, I personally know it to be true.  When I was young, we always had a TV.  I would never say I regretted that.  In the mid-nineties, we installed out first connection to the internet.  The internet was new, it was exciting, I used it all the time.  At MIT, everyone I knew had a computer and the internet started to feel more real than the world in which we physically existed.  The computer that my Dad built for me lasted until my second year of circus school at which point I bought my first laptop in anticipation of the marathon travelling of the neo-Roma lifestyle.  I had cable internet.  That came with cable TV which I spliced into a $5 12-inch tube television.

I graduated from circus school and the four walls of a personal residence disappeared.  The idea of having a TV went with them.  Not becuase I didn’t understand that I could have TV built into my laptop if I wanted, but because I just didn’t want it.  I had watched a ton of TV in my last few years and I understood that it was an exceptional waste of time for people in the creative profession.

Since then, whenever I have had a TV, I quickly returned to the habit of turning it on when returning home or while eating or just before bed.  Foolish.  Those are great creative times.  Never again.

After TV disappeared, I understood another truth: the internet can create the illusion of productivity.  Unfortunately, until my computer brok last week, I have never had the chance to see if that was true or not.  I think it is.

Now, for the first time in my life, I have no television, movies, or internet in my apartment.  I have copious time to read, to train, to think, to cook, to eat, to think and to live.

In spite of it all, my love for TV, my desire to be plugged in to the web all day every day, I think that these are artifacts of a less productive lifestyle.

I still will watch TV and waste time on the internet, that is certain!  I will look forward to it a lot.  But it will not be happening in my office, my studio, or my apartment.

I am so happy to be here!

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