A New Day

Posting began on 8-11-06

I have been reading a book on meditation, so I am qualified to declare that yesterday was a purgation of negative energy for me.

Actually, it is the first time that I have ever read about meditation and I am enjoying the book.  I disagree with many of the author’s points in favor of meditation as a daily pursuit, but I chalk it up to my own spirital immaturity.

I woke up early this morning with a sense of purpose.  A lot of good news has been pouring in from Taiwan, but I never discuss future projects.  Instead, I have decided to go about pursuing my own sources of funding by researching arts grants opportunities.

The reason is simple: getting grants is a bit like getting a book published – you need to get the first few out of the way before people will start recognizing you as an artist who deserves support.  Since I am involved as a freelance artist and co-creator in some high-profile international projects, I think that now is the time to dive into the quagmire of grant applications.

The strategy is that if I manage to recieve some funding now as an unknown working on some big projects, it will increase my chances of receiving funding on some of my pet projects down the road.

Anyways, the results of my initial research for individual performing artists follows.  A lot of them reference each other, but I know that arts websites tend to fade in and out of existence without warning:

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