Planning a Future Partnership

A visa problem delayed my arrival in Taiwan by one week, but I ‘m asking to receive my per diem for that full week anyway.  It is no one’s fault that I am arriving a week later, but I don’t think I should be penalized for it. If I ever need to leave and re-enter Taiwan for visa reasons I imagine I would still receive a per diem for those travel days, so I see no difference here.

Taiwan Productions was asking me to cover all of these little production fees (visa application fees, airport tax, insurance fees, excess baggage charge, cell phone rental), but I’ve been firm that they should be covering it.

I’m also being very clear that this contract is separate from all future projects that we are developing (Korea, Singapore, Korea, Japan, other projects in Taiwan) which should all be developed and negotiated on a case-by-case basis to ensure that I will eventually be reimbursed for my hours worked for free over the last year (along with everyone elses’).  However, I have no doubt that these investments will pay for themselves in the future and I have no problem waiting.

On the other hand, The Rocker suggested two ways of looking at the future – I’m either a freelancer who will get reimbursed for these costs later (what I’ve proposed), or I see myself as a part of the company, accept that my time and everyone else’s was an investment and that we will all get a share of the profits coming up.  He prefers the latter and has also proposed that he can sweeten the deal by working as my agent for workshop and creations without taking any agent fees.  He’s even fine with me taking more than ½ the fees of these contacts since he thinks that I will be doing more work on those projects than he will.

I see his point, but for now, since the festival is the main focus, I will just keep my ‘time sheet’ of the last year, and we can address this issue in the future once the “big money” starts rolling in.  As far as ‘being part of the company,’ is concerned, I need to see the dynamic between the four of us in Taiwan over the next three months.  I feel very optimistic, so I am looking forward to the job, but I still want to see exactly how I can best apply my skills and effort to help organize this project and all future projects for the four of us.

But it looks like things are coming together well for a first contract together as a foursome – it’s only natural that these early stages seem a little unclear and complicated.

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