Loose Ends

Even though things have been quite hectic here in Tokyo (moving out, trying to find places to sleep in the Tokyo-Taipei interim), I’ve ben sure to take the opportunity to tie up all contact-building loose ends.

For example, last week, The Activist helped me set up a meeting with a modern dance production company that produces festivals and showcases internationally (Canada and New York City) and one major international dance festival in Tokyo every year.

We had an immediate connection because I used to dance for one of her favorite American dance companies so we caught up on some gossip and had a refreshing conversation about trends in performance art in Japan.

She was also interested in The Rocker’s history because she was born in Vancouver and still feels a connection to Canada and the Canadian arts scene.  She is very interested in reenergizing the Japanese arts scene and, like us, believes that international collaboration is key.  She was very interested in hearing more about our efforts to promote international exchange in Taiwan and elsewhere in Asian.

She’s a well-known lecturer on the state of the arts in Japan and is very passionate about developing both talent and production values in that market.  She also runs the Japan auditions for Cirque du Soleil and one of her friends is the head of the largest and most famous (and yet invisible on the web) circus school in Japan. It is located in Tokyo, and I plan to meet with them early next week.

I am more and more convinced that ‘Artistic’ contacts, like these and those that we made on The Rocker’s visit, are going to be our most likely port-of-entry to Japan.

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