An Escape Through the City of Lights

The Model and The Political Scientist talked till 4am on the night she got back to Lithuania via Paris talking about how the City of Lights was exactly the way she always imagined it would be.  She sounds happy to be back.  Tabata is finally over, but they’re glad to have had all the times that we had there.

As of yesterday, I, too, am free of the Refugee Camp.  I’m out and alone on the streets, writing from an internet cafe.  While it was depressing to spend the last night alone at the Refugee Camp, but eventually, it felt nice to finally be free of everything.  My friends leaving one by one really make me want to leave too; everything I see reminds me of them.

I spent last night at The Flamenca’s house and maybe tonight too, at least until The Author ends up getting a place in which case I might be staying with him for a couple of nights.  Then I’ll be camping out in Tokyo to finish up my time in Japan without sleeping much at all, I hope.  Yet it will be an effort to get through the last couple of weeks in Japan without freaking out from all these new absences in my life.  Every time it happens (exeunt omnes) I feel I get stronger, but do I want to get stronger about things like this?

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