Getting in Gear: Taiwan and India

First transfer from Taiwan is done! $1,363 US as an advance on our upcoming projects.  I owe The Rocker a beer when I get to Taiwan for saving my ass.  Taiwan Productions will also wire me $1,250 US for the airplane ticket to Taiwan as soon as I figure out what a “SWIFT number” is.  In the meantime, they’re working on my papers to get an agreement from the Foreign Labor’s Office, which will take 7-10 days, so I may need to wait even longer before leaving Japan.  And so it continues…

But, that said, The Rocker is bringing me to a video conference project in India for a December 1st-7th festival that will hopefully pay 500$ and the Canadian Embassy and a travel grant resulted in $5,000 to cover travel and lodging costs.  The embassy figures airfare at $3,000 and hotel at $1,000 and per diems $150 per person but The Rocker already found return flights for 859.67 including a one-night stopover in Bangkok.  He’s proposing a $3,000/$2,000 split of the grant and that we each hold on to any money that we can save.  His feeling is that we can easily stay below $1,000 each and that if other costs are incurred it may be possible to get specific grants to use for those purposes.  This level of support is a lot better than I was expecting – I thought it was going to be a pittance, but this is not bad at all.

The embassy really wants us to promote Canada at the festival, maybe by giving a talk on innovation in circus and a lecture  and demo at a school.

Evidently, The Rocker has some old contacts in Thailand, so he is already working to leverage that into another week of conferences and workshops.  He assures me that “India will blow your mind, opposite of Japan, talking major league dirt and filth, but a cultural blast!!” I am still not sure what it is I will be doing there, but what the hell, it’s in INDIA!

I’m realizing that we need to create a website for some of our projects, but right now, I am balancing between Tokyo, Korea, India, Singapore, Taiwan, and Australia and trying to figure out how to keep feeding myself when so much of my money just goes into travel costs.

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