A Farewell Reunion

Just got back from our Saturday reunion party with The Politician and The Author!  The Politician had been too busy with work and leaving and soubetsukai that the game plan was pretty simple:  We met at 5pm at Asakusa station. We got a coffee and hugged each other for about 15 minutes and then walked over to the apartment of one of The Journalist’s friends where we ate and drank a little while watching the biggest hanabi in Tokyo from her roof or her window.  We were inspired.   After the fireworks end, we went to the train station and to try to beat the rush of half of Kanto trying to crowd on to the Ginza line. Even though the fireworks were supposed to end at 9 and Shibuya is only 40 minutes away, we planned on arriving at 11pm. Since we’d never had a chance to get drunk on a train, we thought this would be the ideal opportunity.

We told all of our fun / interesting / cool friends to meet at the Starbucks Coffee at the Hachiko exit of Shibuya at 11pm. Until this point, it had been our small group but from there, we went to do a big group karaoke for just one hour because this is something The Politician just cannot do in the US and something we will all miss about Japan. The Author wanted to enjoy Tokyo on a small budget after bloody expensive London, so the night will flowed in the way that drunken stupidity flows. Yoyogi park, dancing in Shibuya – like the great kamikaze pilots, we knew that we would likely all crash and burn at some point in the night, but thankfully none of us got arrested or into fights.

Everything went off perfectly tonight and I even managed to meet a new friend from the UK on the subway ride to Shibuya .  I remember vaguely arguing about the validity of quantum physics with her last night.  Jesus.  And this happened:

Tonight was drunk and messy and funny, which is a good last image to have of each other, but tomorrow we’ll have a more relaxed dinner in Iidabashi to say our last farewells!

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