The Wake

I have been tearing up roots for the last five days.  It takes a lot of work to move out, especially in Japan, and more so when you are the last of three roommates to leave.  Compounding the situation are the garbage collection laws and the detailed moving-out checklist provided by our landlord.

Nice timing: the toilet backed up yesterday.

I love Japanese toilets because they are sanitary and promote flexible quadriceps, but they are sorely mismatched to modern plunger design.

Some recent observations in the Tokyo wilderness:

  1. The toads are out.  Some are squished on the roads.  I rescue the others by hiding them under bushes.
  2. The spiders are out.  I saw one spider fight another who tried to take a shortcut across the first one’s web.  Sixteen legs were all tangled up in each other and I saw a lot of fangs gnashing.  I watched for a while, but then I left.  When I came home that night, the dessicated corpse of the loser was on the ground.  It didn’t look like a spider any more.
  3. The spiders are out (2).  A large, yellow spider has spun a web attached to many bikes in our bike lot.  It sits there all day and I think that his web is very well-made, epecially the little zigzags that resemble flower markings to UV-sensitive insects.  When this spider catches an insect, he wraps it up and drinks from it slowly and thoughtfully like a tourist drinking pina colada out of a coconut shell.  When I biked home tonight, there was a small lizard just under the web.  The spider was much larger than the lizard, and the lizard was much larger than the spider’s usual prey.  All-in-all, I thought that it was pretty fortunate for the lizard that modern reptiles can not fly.  Too bad for the spider, though.

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