Eyes on Vilnius

All indications suggest that I will be free from Nov 7 to Nov 30 so this would not be a bad time for me to go to see my favorite Political Scientist in Lithuania assuming that:

1) I earn around 9000 CAD for the Taiwan Festival.

2) I earn around 2000 CAD net for the Festival that takes place in December.

3) I find a way to cover airfare, food, and lodging for Lithuania (e.g. I can not lose money on the trip) either through work or through living with The Political Scientist

4) No other work comes up in that time period.

The Political Scientist is coming up with her perfect study plan to integrate her past experience in international relations, her desire to study EU politics, and studying in the US.  If that wasn’t hard enough, she needs to say why she wants to study at a specific university.   In the meantime, she applied for a job at the Swedish embassy as an “assistant for coordination of external and internal relations at the embassy.”

She was thinking of studying the US-Japan relationship at the beginning of Meiji or WWII, but I think this would be better suited for a history program, not the UN-type work she is looking for.  If instead she can find out what UN jobs require, she could use this as a basis of a research plan.

What is interesting about her is her languages and her experiences working in intercultural contexts.  Tying together EU, Japan, and US with those skills should not be too hard.  There is shit affecting all of these areas, e.g.  Japan’s proposed natural gas pipeline from Russia, she just needs to find them.  As long as she doesn’t let herself be put off by the boring economics, her job will be to discover the political muscles and arteries underneath it all.

For the universities, I imagine that it is absolutely crucial that she get in touch with specific professors that she would like to study with and back up her desire to work with them with specifics showing familiarity with their field of research.  Professors have a lot of pull in these sorts of decisions, I imagine.

In other news: Lithuania is second in the EU for the most amount of alcohol consumed per person – 17 liters of pure alcohol per person per year; only Hungary beats them at 18.

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