All Packed

I’m ready to leave Tokyo. 

Today, it took me 30 minutes to pack all my worldly posessions into small suitcases and then to arrange those suitcases into one 75cm X 50cm X 25cm travelling case.  My circus equipment takes up half of the volume, my clothes take up about a third, and the rest is my toitetries, books I haven’t finished, legal documents, data disks, dress shoes, and important business cards.  I carry my computer seperately in its own case.  Hand-carry.  Altogether, my life weighs far less than the 40kg allotted for international travel.

As I was packing, I kept thinking to myself that I haven’t really gotten rid of all the inessentials.  I could trim my wardrobe down by another 25%, and I tend to overstock toiletries that can only be found in certain places of the world (Japanese hair wax, American stick deoderant and bulk ibuprofen).  My goal is to unload 10% of my posessions year after year, but I think in just about two more years I will have reached my theoretical limit.

I was also thinking of the garage of my mom’s house.  For six years, it has housed all the artifacts of my former, sedentary life.  It’s been too long since I have visited just to visit.  If I get a month off this winter, I need to spend some time getting reaquainted and purging their storage of my so-called "essentials."

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