The Wasting

Well, I’ll be damned.  I seem to be caught in a little weight-loss spiral despite my best efforts.  I had already surpassed my goal of 58 kilos, and was satisfied to stay at 57, but now I am down to the lower 56’s…  I am binging myself now to try and stop this trend, but it has been a week.

On the plus side, my act is easier than ever to perform.

I wonder if it is the weather that is doing this.  I am sweating 24 hours a day and finding it hard to keep myself hydreted.  It is staying in the 90’s with occational thunderstorms (like the one this afternoon) bookended with heavy, unforgiving sunshine and humidity.  Chronic heatrash feels like an infectious tropical disease.  Looks like it, too.  Yuk.

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