Injury Update

I surprized myself a little today.  Instead of the normal "baby-steps" first day back after an injury, I decided to train as though yesterday didn’t happen.  I had the "right" kind of injury to attempt such an plan (I am a handbalancer and the injury is in my leg) but the injury still throbs, reminding you that you no invincible acrobat, but a human being.  When training a circus number you have to block out these thoughts.

But it worked, and I managed two perfect run-throughs.  If anything, the guilty movement was even more solid than yesterday (it would basically have to be, wouldn’t it?) due to my forced-natural mindset.  It was an exercise in physical zen – as all good circus should be, I guess.

So despite my inablity to swim 500m or take an ofuro without nagging fears of infection, to wear pants without bloodying them, to walk naturally, or to ride a bike, I can still perform my number.

Cool trivia:  I left the gym in shock last night, so it was quite a surprise to get dressed today and find more flayed strips of skin sticking to the inside of last night’s training pants.

Cool trivia #2 or "Living With a Lithuanian": My roommate came home to find me nursing my weeping, bloody wound.  She was very sympathetic and wanted to take good care of me by searching for antibiotic cream or "alchohol, at least."  Alchohol, always alchohol.  After it was clear that she could find no such thing in our apartment she told me stories of her Lithuanian friend who had to get her leg cut off (I think – I stopped listening at a certain point to keep from panicking) after a paper cut or a dog bite.  I think it was a mosquito bite, actually.  "Oh your leg will swell up and turn blue by tomorrow and then it will turn yellow, but it will hurt too much to walk and then it will start to turn black…  Or maybe not, perhaps you will be stronger than her."  Of course I shouldn’t have taken this talk too seriously – she sure didn’t – but nonetheless, I was scared to look at my leg this morning.

One thought on “Injury Update

  1. these kind of stories were very popular, especially in the soviet times..while readoing your roommate’s threats, i imagined an injured soldier in a battle field; his friends ‘helping him out’ – pouring vodka on his yellow/blue/black leg..
    maybe this kind of image has its roots in war stories..
    so hold on, soldier. i’m sure your leg can still be saved


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