From Across A Few Ponds

The Author has just arrived in London to study at LSE and said that returning to the West is a shock.

“People here are more mature but also more serious, somehow. It’s good and sad, like ‘I have to behave the same way if I want to be admitted among them…this sense of… seriousness? gravity? responsibility?… is heavy to bear. But it is the reality, not Disneyland.”

He says it’s strange to become a student again; to listen to a guy talking for hours and hours while saying nothing.  He says it’s challenging (they cover a different topic every single day) but that after already having work experience in these matters, he feels like a “grandpa in the realm of innocent students.”

He’s hoping to publish his book about his time serving an advisor to the Prime Minister while in Tokyo – he sees it as a way to say good bye to the “Disneyland” of Japan – a country he likes but that is not where he wants to spend his life.  Writing a book seems like a super rapid and complicated process.  The Author is in the last phase in which they send him a contract this week, he signs it, he rewrites his manuscript and gives them a shorter version (~150 pages instead of the actual 165 pages) before August 15th. In September, they discuss the title and the cover while the publishing company will edit the book (corrections, suggestions, so on). Then, he waits for the very last days of September to see the results of the Japanese elections and add a short comment. Then, they send the book to the printer. Around October 20th, he’s in Paris for some interviews with journalists and he’ll already publish the book in November.

A recent clubbing experience with LSE students reminded him that beautiful rich women in universities, bars, and clubs in the West are just looking for stong, rich men.  As he is not a rich man anymore, especially in London, he’s cutting back on his drinking habits.

The Journalist (who was supposed to leave Japan next week) has decided to push back his US flight until July 31 despite any potential consequences.  This means that the two of us will be able to go to a matsuri at Yasukuni jinja on Friday and “commit kamikaze.”

It also means that when The Author returns from London, all three of us can plan a very long night out on Saturday the 29th of July.  However, as all of us are as financially strapped as mental patients in electroshock, we won’t be having cigars or be at the Park Hyatt – more like inviting a lot of people to Yoyogi to enjoy cheap wine or beers

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