Stake Your Reputation On It

The internet died (again).  I was hoping to be free in August, but it looks like I will be very busy in Taiwan; probably teaching workshops in theater and acrobatics at a dance college there while starting the writing and production of the new show in October.

We are now applying for our last batch of production grants and Taiwan, and one of the grants is specifically designed to invite representatives from other arts organizations to our Festival at the end of October.  One of the requirements, however, is a letter of interest from said company.  I’m reaching out to my Japanese contacts with a pre-written letter (to make it as painless as possible).  And all this needed by Friday!

Casting for the festival is progressing.  The Rocker just proposed another tissus artist for our artist database, but we already have people who are much, much better.  I keep trying to add to the list of available artists, but it looks like I have topped out at around 90 extremely high skill-level professional artists.  I got the OK from The Rocker to contact my friend for animation.  The Rocker said I don’t need to worry about getting his approval, but I’ll probably run it by him anyways if I think that the reputation of his organization is at stake.  Reputation determines how willing top artists are to work with us and so far I think we are managing this well.

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