Smooth Criminal

Dreamt about the show last night which gave me an idea that I think could be really cool for the show.  If we don’t use it, I will try to get it into other upcoming projects.  Basically, I want to get recordings of various “man on the street” interviews about Taiwan, Asia, China, to capture an honest picture of what citizens in the West honestly think of the East in audio form, edited in an interesting way with music.  I just don’t want it to make people look stupid.  I am looking for honest moments of doubt, confusion, uncertainty, fear, ignorance, whatever people are actually feeling.  At the same time, it’s important to stay away from people who want to be clever which might ring a little false.  Short snippets, little monologues, sampled politicians, samples of TV, more about what we hear than what we think.

What do people think of the Taiwan/ROC/china debate, notions of national identity, statehood, freedom.  What are the differences between the East and the West?  What are the similarities?

Tourists getting tattoos of kanji: these characters you choose are everywhere in Japan, and tattooing “blade” or some other common, concrete noun on your skin is a bit silly.  And having your name tattooed on your body (in any language) is like your mom writing your name on your underwear, but much, much worse.

Evidently, The Rocker has found a beautiful girl who is a Gold medalist from the Wushu (Kung Fu) competition at the Asian Games.  She may be a little too busy to do our show, but the plan is to film her, and use her on video.

My idea is to use this text over that performance of the wushu champion, dressed like a Taiwanese fashion kid, set to this version of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ that The Rocker just sent me.

Fuck, with all the lighting and some good acrobatic shit that could be a hell of a finish.  We should see if we could get a great local Taipei progressive hip hop DJ and mix that with some textural guitar.

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