There’s a lot of things I love about training, but one sensation comes very close to an out-of-body experience, and that is training overflexibility.  Overflexibility training develops flexibility to a degree that that you can not achieve using just your bodyweight and a floor.  For example, you work overflexibility in your right side split by using objects to raise your right leg or left leg or both to surpasses a 180 degrees angle.

I have not worked overflexibility in almost two years.  After the surprising flexibility gains that accompanied my loss of six kilograms in the last two months, I decided that it was time to get a little more exigent in my training.

This week, I started raising my front leg a foot off the ground, and have already acclimatised to the new amplitude.  It is about time to see how far I can take this!  I wonder how much my diet affected my flexibility.  It is possible that interfibre fat cells in muscle tissue somehow hampers mobility?  Is there such a thing as interfibre fat cells?  Are the tissue layers sequestered?  Any physiolologists out there?

I forgot to mention the best part of overflexibility: dessert.  After working all your oversplits for a good minute or so, you hold a normal (180 degree) split on the floor for…  well, for as long as you want, really.  This is the out-of-body sensation that I mentioned above.  You know that your body is in an uncomfortable position, but you feel absolutely comfortable.  It’s like switching bodies with a contortionist for a few minutes.

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