Last Night Was Stupid

I went to a bar to see a friend of some friends of a friend DJ, but she has been pre-empted by a charity fundraising event for OXFAM.  I had weak drinks, tried to shift the conversation to topics of nominal depth with my Japanese women friends (like trying to submerge an inner-tube in the Dead Sea), and managed nothing more than a 30 minute argument over whether or not I was in a bad mood (I was NOT) and then acquiescing to a palm-reading that evidently betrayed my innermost secrets (that I was in fact upset, and prone to fits of anger).  My palm also relayed that I will not be a success.  Thanks, girls!

I had to wear a rubber horse head and dance for OXFAM (hell of a slogan, actually.  I submit it for free.), and then topped the evening off by losing my bike key.  I am going back to the bar now to pick it up.  Yeah!

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