Language Learning Strategy

I love languages.

A language maps the universe to the human mind, and each language does it differently.

I think that anyone who speaks more than three languages fluently will agree that switching from language to language requires a shift in your manner of thinking.  It is a difficult feeling to explain because the phenomenon occurs exactly in that part of the brain that is involved in ‘metalanguage’ – the way the mind implements language architecture.

But this is all a matter for a different post.

All I wanted to say tonight is that it seems to be a lot easier to acquire languages when you learn them two at a time.  It works best when one of the languages is relatively intuitive for you – Spanish when you already speak French, for example.

Last year, I paired Japanese (intuitive) with Lithuanian (not intuitive) with good success.  Next month, I hope to combine Spanish (intuitive) with Mandarin (not at all intuitive) to see if I can continue this winning streak.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

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