My job takes the form of travelling all over Tokyo and training.  I am probably a commuting- or training- induced trance for about six hours a day.  Combined with morning dreams, the drifting hours before sleep and solitary evenings before my roommate comes home, I have a lot of time for interior dialogues.

As regular home internet access is a luxury that I can ill-afford, I spend a lot more time thinking about things to write on this blog than actually writing in it.  Here are some topics that I would be writing if I had regular internet at home:

  • The nature of interior dialogues
  • The conflict between the solitary and social facets of a physical artist
  • My grandparents and their experiences as second generation Japanese-Americans
  • The desert project
  • Saturday’s all-night party in Yoyogi Koen
  • The strange mental sensation of reading 200+ pages every day without fail.

I don’t mean to give excuses.  This is my to-do list.  It will be done.

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