Missed Calls (8)

I’ve been missing calls from The Activist all week!  The Political Scientist and I were on a trip back to Nagoya to celebrate her last week in Japan, and I left my cell phone in Tokyo to leave work behind. When I called her back, she had just returned to Nagoya herself.  Bad timing, especially since after that she’ll be off to San Francisco to fulfill her dreams of following the trail of her grandfather and I’ll be off to Taiwan at long last.  If I can I’ll try to get back to Nagoya sometime next month to have a last coffee together if possible.  I want to hear about her dreams and expectations of California.

Never one to let an opportunity go, she reminded me of the list of names and theater information that we got from the National Theater, I am still interested in meeting with them in the next couple of weeks and she’s advising me on the best way to get in contact with them might be.  It has been a long ride since December, and The Activist’s help has been what carried me through the whole way.  Happily, it seems as though the seeds we planted way back then are starting to sprout, just like she assured me they would.  I hope that the winds that carry us in opposite directions will one day bring us back together as well.

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