Back to Business

Back to business.  The internet connection at my house is down again, like during January.  It makes it hard to do business which is a pain because I had to change the company profiles of The Rocker and the Taiwanese production company a lot to make it fit the format of a Japanese company profile.  I am writing from an internet cafe and the smoke smells terrible; like I can taste it and it is disgusting.

My brain is already starting to live in Taiwan now that The Political Scientist is gone.  Here’s what’s new:

  • I have to write my first-ever proposal for an artistic residency at the Taipei artist village where I’ll be staying starting in August. They need me to send my resume and talk about my interest in collaborating with international artists against the backdrop of Taiwan’s vibrant artistic community.  Since coaching and working in unusual mixes of artistic media (acrobatics/dance/multimedia/graphic arts/design/music/writing) in an international environment is what interests me most, I’ll focus on my six months at the World Expo in Japan where I met with artists from all over the world, exchanging ideas for inspiration and advancing the work of all involved.
  • The Rocker handed my name card to one of the most well-known choreographers in China, Willy Tsao, director of The Beijing Modern Dance Company, Guangdong Modern Dance Company and the City Contemporary Dance Company in Hong Kong, who was in town. They were talking about a possible mix of dance and our acrobats for the Beijing Olympics. I am really crossing my fingers for something there especially since Tokyo Productions knows the company that is serving as consultant along with Steven Spielberg.
  • In the meantime, the Taiwan Productions have already sold our concept for a site-specific creation for a huge new museum in some other city in Taiwan.
  • Still no news at all about when I will be able to relocate to Taiwan, but The Rocker said that he now knows how much salary we are all getting as a base and that there is a possibility of getting more if grants and residencies come through. I’m still hoping that I will be receiving at least what I had proposed in March…my fingers are crossed for that too!
  • I am thinking about where all this is going – about writing a huge proposal for my first big-budget project through the connections I am making right now. Maybe revisiting 62 Days in The Desert.  This type of reflection may be coming from the emails I’m getting from The Clown whose Cirque du Soleil Beatles show opened in Las Vegas last week – he says that he’s already wondering what’s coming after!

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