Disposal Strategy

Haven’t had the chance to write The Political Scientist because The Model and I share a computer now and the internet was down until The Model got home last night.  The apartment is so empty now.  I have seen The Model for exactly 44 minutes since The Political Scientist left and that was just to throw away everything in the apartment without our names or address on it.  Why without identification?  Because our neighbor had a lot of traceable garbage returned to him by the Japanazis when he tried to throw away too much all at once.  In denial, he just left it outside for the crows and cats to fuck up.  The Model cleaned it up days later (of course).

The Model and I are both practically ready to leave, I think.  She was stopped by the police recently which freaked her out.  The Author is the next to leave, the beginning of July, then The Politician, then The Model.  I actually prefer to be the last one there, I think.  It is like being the last one at the party.

It was crazy, Tokyo was a ghost town last night.  Everyone was asleep at 10 to wake up at 4 and see the match versus Brazil.  Had a migraine last night but it did get better; I was lucky that most of it happened at night, but it was very unpleasant waking up, opening my eyes, and being blind in the morning.  Today I had only one English class, so in a way, I really had the last three days off.  I am taking advantage by doing all the stupid stuff that seems stupid to take care of when you’re enjoying a last month in Japan with The Political Scientist.  Suffice to say there was a lot.

I will be spending the rest of the day doing laundry, writing sakubun, ripping dvd’s, organizing artist materials, and writing emails to people to thank them for making the Adco presentation such a success.  I will see The Author and The Politician tomorrow, and that will be good for me, I think.

If The Model and I are able to successfully thrown away all of our big garbage with addresses and names on them them in the next week it will be a big win.

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