Target Acquired!

About six weeks after starting my first earnest dieting experience, I am happy to say that I have far surpassed my original goal of 58.0 kg (127.87) and have settled in nicely at around 57.0 kg (125.7 lbs).  It was a relatively short and painless experience representing a total loss of 5.0 kg (11.2 lbs).

I enjoyed this new challenge, and am enjoying even more weighing about what I did in high school.  The next step is to continue training my equilibre number everyday, but to start adding weight training in order to reduce my body fat percentage while keeping my weight constant.

57.0 kg is my ideal, anywhere between 56.5 kg and 57.5 kg on my weigh-in days will be fine for me.

Please forgive this shameless narcissism.  It is as much self-love as it is playing at being my own lab rat, so I don’t consider myself too far gone.

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