Shopping List

I have noticed that when a close friend leaves for whatever reason, I go through a period when I take care of a lot of stupid things in my life.  Since The Political Scientist left, I have:

  • Done my laundry
  • Organized all my receipts
  • Returned all the rental videos
  • Taken care of all my casting videos
  • Cleaned my locker at the gym
  • Thrown away all the stuff that has been piling up in my closet
  • Finally stored all the winter bedclothes
  • Taken every personal item I own out of the kitchen, bathroom, and shower
  • Done the dishes
  • Cleaned the refrigerator
  • Changed the orientation of my bed on the tatamis
  • Started going in to the gym earlier
  • Made my school loan payments for the month

She’s only been gone for two days.  If I’m not careful, I might start to look like a responsible adult!  I actually attribute all this activity to my brain creeping over to Taiwan in advance of the rest of my body.  I am starting to make that shift from Tokyo resident to Tokyo tourist again – in limbo between Tokyo and her younger sister Taipei.

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