Best Friend Redux

It is always sad when you lose a best friend.

I don’t want that to sound morbid, but it proably does.  Worse, the grammar seems to contradict meaning – ‘a best friend.’

I move frequently enough that I have a lot of best friends.  They are incomparable – forever associated with the sights, smells, emotions, and experiences in one little corner of the world, and they are the mirrors through which I see myself and the windows through which I see my surroundings.

And now, as of 11:45 JST this morning, none of them are living on the little island I call my home.

The Political Scientist boarded her Aeroflot flight to Moscow at Narita International Airport, connecting service to Lithunia via Paris this morning.

Japan feels different to me now.

Part of what made it my home is gone now; the emptiness that is in its place is scary.

I always remember that the more you miss someone, the more you care about them and the more of a chance there is that you will see each other again someday.  It keeps me calm.  I think it can be misread as indifference.  Coldness.  But for me, it is just the best way stay sane.  “The more I miss you, the sooner I will see you, so if nothing else, I can take comfort in that.”

Anyways, to The Political Scientist: Iki ir labas vakeras, Splinters – bon voyage…bled!

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