A Junk Drawer of an Entry

All right, you can all stop emailing me now asking for it: the Lithuanian spirograph can be found here.

I had one of those mysterious days at the gym yesterday where an otherworldly flexibility enters my body through my nostrils or umbril or anus or something and I feel like a contortionist.

Today I stoped by a fishmonger with The Political Scientist.  He had a tank full of what looked like a cross between ginger root and a starfish and a clam and a potato.  They were 250 yen apiece.  He liked our curiosity and talked to us a while in a very enthusiastic and charming way that I will foreverafter associate with Japanese fishmongers.  After our discussion, he showed us how to gut and clean one of the little bugs and then gave it to us as a present.  “Eating it makes you strong!”  We will try to eat it with vinegar and cucumber, as prescribed, but the slicing and the dicing was a little graphic for me.  It had a chitinous exoskeleton and brown juice squirted out of it in a Hollywood-pulsing-spurting way as he severed its monopod and peeled it.  I will need to sublimate that image a little before I can float our souvenir.

This just in: the Japanese name has been translated to sea squirt.  Truly fascinating.  The only animals able to produce cellulose!  They sequester Vanadium in their blood!  They have a notochord as infants but then reabsorb it in a metamorphosis into sedentary beings!

Empirically determined: they stink like sea urchins when left out.

If we can’t eat the thing, we will offer it to The Model who will eat anything.  Makes her stronger!

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