Gypsy 2000: Suckerfish

I was loking for Korean feedback on our presentation in Chuncheon and found this superb summary of my talk (translated from Korean):

Canada Modern Suckerfishes

The Rocker (Taiwan International Suckerfish Banking and Art Director) – “Growth and Importance”

Travelling Acrobat (Suckerfish Asia Project and Assisting of Canada Suckerfish and the Body Play It Will Dance) – “The Process Which Creates the Training Course of the Canada National Suckerfish School Theatrically”

It illuminates New Circus of cradle Canada of suckerfish “modern suckerfish” of banking conference New Circus in Canada – Canada which are 2006 Ch’unch’on. “Canada artistic daytime (the May Canada)” about below solar suckerfish with Canada which is represented today it tries to have the time when it illuminates the creation process of suckerfish history and artistic development and today suckerfish intensively from the banking which is 2006 Ch’unch’on it is. Leads the dissolution of style and the approach which is the depth against Canada suckerfish in this point of view where the demand against the performing art is coming to be high and Canada art south with only the field our public performance world of art also prepare the low my market will become the fair chance. Event life: The banking conference which is 2006 Ch’unch’on E (suckerfish of New Circus in Canada – Canada) it illuminates New Circus of the cradle and Canada of suckerfish today.

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