First Thunderstorm of the Year

What a night.  The Rocker just arrived in Tokyo from Taipei and we hung out for a few hours talking circus and strategy for the gauntlet of meetings we are going through this week in Japan and next week in Korea.

I can never let myself evaluate the success or potential of any of the projects that are in development, pre-development, or pre-pre-pre-pre-development.  That would be a recipe for disappointment and depression.

At first, I couldn’t help but but all my hopes on one horse and then feeling completely dashed when it didn’t come through.  Worse, I would be tempted to undersell my services; ‘OK, OK, I’ll do it for half the budget I asked for, I’ll work for free just give me the project!’  This is the danger of developing projects you actually believe in; they are harder babies to kill.

I would say that in this business, only about 10% of all projects make it out of the pre-pre-production phase.  The only remedy is to try to develop 1000% of your actual production capacity in anticipation of the inevitable failures that pave the way to success.

This surprised me because performers only ever hear about a project once it has passed into the pre-production phase, at which point a show has a mortality rate of only about 33%.

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