Happy Birthday to The Political Scientist

Well it has been a weekend of nighttime debauchery and tomfoolery mixed with chaotic daytime preparations for The Rocker’s two day visit to Tokyo.  We are meeting with a lot of different cultural entities in preparation of potentially bringing a touring show to Tokyo or even creating a new show in collaboration with Japanese artists.

But overshadowing all was the 36 hour birthday party for The Political Scientist, my best friend in Tokyo.  We celebrated at the Refugee Camp starting from midnight, and then got together with friends in Shibuya for the evening, night, and following morning.

In true Tokyo fashion, it was an international event with five nationalities present in as many party guests.  We were Lithuanian, Slovakian (with the heart of a Hungarian), Libyan, Argentinian, and American.  Conversation and drinks flowed freely and proportionally.  All in all, a fine evening of erudite conversation with interesting people (at least the parts I can remember clearly).

And everything ended in relative civility and respectability, without any ‘accidentally’ discharged fire extinguishers, which is more than can be said about last Sunday night’s get-together, but that, of course, is another story altogether.

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