The Activist was able to connect with the head of the New National Theatre who said he’s able to meet, but that he wants a professional translator there.  She also implied that the Canadian embassy being there was very important and then asked for a copy of our proposal which all made me a bit nervous.

Our meeting with the New National Theatre of Tokyo is not to present a finished proposal, but to find out what they will require from us in terms of a proposal.  That way, as we are meeting many different performing arts group while The Rocker is in Japan, we can tell them what sort of commitment we are looking for, etc.  Unfortunately the Canadian embassy said that they cannot send a representative on the day of the meeting.

The Activist suggests that we look at the meeting as sord of a “sodan,” to get his thoughts on the idea and see if he has ideas of his own.  She mentioned that Sankai Juku actually has closer connections to Theatre de la Ville in Paris, but that who knows, perhaps the NNTT has better access.

The Tokyo International Festival is also reviewing our materials to see if they can make time for us to meet with them and The Rocker has also set up his own meetings with two companies in Kyoto.  He also knows a small circus company that seems very sincere who are trying to set up a circus school in Tokyo.

The Activist suggested that it might be a good idea to get written support from the embassy.  Her point of view is that if we are 100% sure that they would support us, we should go ahead with the meeting with NNTT.  I am not sure if we will be able to get something written from the Canadian Embassy that says that they will support us because it is far too early for that.  They want to have a project, but they need to talk with the New National Theater or any other collaborators before they will sign something official.  It goes around in circles.

In the losing friends department, last night, The Author and I may or may not have played a bit part in a giant flaming bag of dogshit of a mess (in the form of a utilized fire extinguisher) that was left in The Politician’s apartment building stairwell.  I really hope that there is no major fallout from it from him.  Late night and drunken fools.  Apologies already sent.