Tokyo Social Life

Our quasi-weekly picnic in Yoyogi Koen two weeks ago with The Author was excellent with lots of fine wine and imported continental delicacies.  An interesting mix of Japanese and American perceptions of what a Sunday picnic might entail.

But questionable weather conditions last week led to a generally lukewarm response for Thai festivities resulted in that week’s festivities being cancelled.  Unlike the weather, it seems like the Tokyo social scene as I know it is hitting a dry spell and in springtime, cabin fever is dangerous.  Last night, The Author and I may or may not have played a part in a giant flaming bag of dogshit of a mess (in the form of an unnecessarily triggered fire extinguisher) that was left in The Politician’s apartment building stairwell.  I really hope that there is no major fallout from it from him.  Late night and drunken fools.  Apologies sent.

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