The Rocker met with some Japanese buyers in Taiwan – evidently there is a lot of support for Canadian/Japanese collaborations right now.  To that end he is thinking of travelling to Kyoto to meet one of them when he is in Japan later this month.

Kyoto is about two hours or so away by bullet train, I think about 200 dollars one way.  If the guy is interested in what we are going to be working on in Taiwan, then that would definitely be in our interests.  Japan is a very small country, really.  Nothing more than a half day away by train.

The director of Circus Francais also introduced me to his friend who produces 20+ festivals every year in Japan.  He is very interested in coming to see the festival in Taipei.

The Contortionist’s schedule has opened up completely starting in August/September – this means that we might be able to use her skills in the creation.  Contortion, Contact Juggling, Aerial Hoop, Singing, and Tango Dance.