Hangul In Just Twenty Minutes a D… Well, in just twenty minutes, actually.

Different languages have different personalities as you learn them: Japanese is a frustrating enigma, French is an redundant, ornate, beauty, German is ditactic and practical, and I am finding that Korean is one of the warmest and friendliest languages I have ever learned.  Korean invites you in and makes you a cup of tea.

I went from illiteracy to proficiency in hangul, the Korean alphabet, in the twenty-minute train-ride home from the gym.  I wish that this had something to do with an innate linguistic ability on my part, but the fact is that it is simply the most user-friendly and intuitive alphabet system I have ever encountered.  I memorized 17 basic forms and a few rules, and I am now able to figure out all 24 letters and the multitudes of syllables that one can form from them with ease.  This page was amazingly helpful.

I have heard that Korean grammar is similar to Japanese grammar, so I hope that in a few days I will learn enough sentence structure to speak broken Korean.  That will leave me about two weeks to build up vocabulary for my trip!

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