Our gang’s generally non-committal response for Thai festivities caused by questionable weather conditions has resulted in tomorrow’s outing to Yoyogi Koen being cancelled!  Unlike the weather, it seems like the Tokyo social scene as I know it is hitting a dry spell.

The boss of the English company is coming to observe me teaching on Wednesday which I worry will be a bit of a bore.  I really do very little in the middle school classes.  If she wants to see me doing anything more than playing parrot; I would recommend coming to an elementary school where I actually have fun interacting with kids and making English learning fun.

Strange, I teach English to keep paying the rent, and it’s really not as bad as I thought it might be.  But of course my real job is what is printed on my business cards – the work that I’m doing for Taiwan

So basically, my job is to organize special events, set budgets, find acrobats, arrange their fees and their airplanes and hotels and all that, and then help direct the event.  Of course, since I am doing the casting, it means that I also get to be in the corpos, which is nice.

Our big problem now is just the fact that events come very slowly as our name is getting out there.  No one really works like this in Asia which means that clients are not used to paying the kinds of budgets we have, so we lose a lot of leads because of that.  But once people see the quality we bring, hopefully business will grow.

It’s hard for me to explain to my family and friends what I am doing.  I do not like to talk about anything until it is definite; that’s a good way to get a reputation as a guy who talks a lot but doesn’t get anything done.  I have to keep my mouth shut.  As it is, out of about every 10 potential projects we get, only 1 comes through.

In short, I am enjoying my job a lot.  The Rocker lets me basically do whatever I want, and since he is Canadian, we are eligible for a lot of Canadian support, and he is introducing me to a lot of contacts in Canada and Asia.

I think my big goal is to keep my eyes and ears way open for then next couple of years to learn everything I can about this scene and about producing and directing and making all the contacts I can in Asia, and then I hope that once nice products are being produced, that the door will still be open in Canada and Asia.

Then, we need to see what kind of opportunities are out there.  If things go well, I hope that I’ll have a chance to work with my circus school friends again just like what we did in 2003 and 2004, but this time with real budgets!  Two years ago, budgets in the millions were totally unthinkable – no that I’ve seen the budgets for the festival and the new creation in Taiwan I realize the scope of possibility!

So that’s what I am trying to set up over here.  I think that I will know if things are going well by this December.  If things are not going well, I will need to rethink my strategy, but so far, I am happy!