Best Friends

Since preschool, I have rarely stayed in one place longer than three years before moving.  As a result, I have learned to make friends quickly, not to waste time on superficial relationships, and not to expect too much once I have moved away.  Some might find that third lesson a little callous, but for me, it is the most important ones.  Friendships that maintain a degree of relevance do so organically and on their own.

Only one of my closest friends has really seen me through the lowest times in my life for no other reason than because I was there for him through the lowest times in his life.  We are so dissimilar as to be simultaneously in awe of and awed by the other, generous enough to be either a teacher or a student and sensitive enough to know what moment calls for which role.

Despite big plans to go into show business together, circumstance and financial concerns necessitated a slight detour for an indeterminate amount of time.  So, just after New Year’s Day, 2005 in Arnhem, Holland, five hours before my morning flight to Boston, we snapped this picture together.  We haven’t seen each other since, but correspondence every couple of months and a few drunken phone calls fills in the holes.

Despite our egos, our perfectionism, our bluntness, and our ambition, we managed to make it through four years of circus school and the Montreal circus scene – the most cutthroat and competitive environment I have ever encountered in my life – with our friendship intact.  We did it by being able to view each other’s successes as though they were our own.  And the most recent success of my best friend in the world is one that makes me step back in wonder at how far we have really come from those first insecure steps together back in Montreal.  He is on the verge of circus mega-stardom, insomuch as ‘stardom’ is something that exists in the circus world, as the main character in Cirque du Soleil’s new permanent show “Love” (aka ‘The Beatles Show’ in circus circles) at the Mirage in Las Vegas.  All of you in North America better go see it soon, though, because I have a feeling that a talent like his will not stay in one place for very long…

Congratulations, and merde to The Clown!  I’ll meet you in Holland soon, my friend!







Goos is finally in “Love!”

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