One of the organizations that was providing the budget for the film festival at the end of June has backed out.  The Canadian trade office in Taiwan is still trying to get us money, but if we do not get sponsors, we do not have a show.

Just received a copy of the article that The Activist set up for me.  I am going to send thank-you notes to the reporter and photographer; and I, once again, thanked her very much for the effort she put into making that a reality!

As for the promotion of the project in Japan, I have to admit that I am a little frustrated; after seeing how excited people in Canada, the USA, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore are about this project; I can’t help but wonder what I have been doing wrong here in Tokyo.  I blame myself; I think that I must be talking to the wrong people.  I also feel very bad that The Activist has put so much effort into this project but that there has been no real payoff for her efforts.

It’s almost too much for me to let her keep helping out.  She has given 500% so far, and I am greatly in her debt.

She has been an inspiration to me the whole way, and is a friend whose support I will treasure forever.