Recent Acquisitions

After a day at Kichijoji’s Inokashira park with The Political Scientist which involved paddling through a logjam of swanboats and watching the only half-decent Japanese street-performer that I have seen in the 15 months I have been here, we stopped in at a few used-book emporiums to check out the foreign-language offerings.

and, of note,

I am most looking forward to reading the neuropsychology case histories in The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat.  It has been on my personal reading list for about 16 years, but I had never thought of it at the right time until now.

I had always wanted to read an original Ian Fleming Bond novel, and as for the wine book, well, I just really wanted to learn more about the differences between the different varieties in wine (something which this book doesn’t actually cover).

An “elementary approach?”  Sure, the first couple of chapters on addition and multiplication make this book seem elementary, but it touches on some very subtle concepts (Oxford University Press, 1944).  I have never read any Salman Rushdie, so I thought it was about time.  And the cocktail book, well, I missed out on drinking in college, so I think a systematic approach is best for catching up on lost time.  Besides, reading the King of Pop himself explain the differences between a snifter and a pousse-cafe makes for great reading.

I wanted to read the urine book which encourages you to splash around in your urine – Drink it?  Sure, why not?  But the book also suggests that you massage yourself with your piss; piss on a rag and tie it around your toe!; drip piss in your ears with a medicine dropper!  And all gloriously illustrated with black and white photos of guys like this2006.05.04 1937~02 General Tabata silliness.jpg

gleefully gulping their “amber life elixir” (actual quote).   In all seriousness, a book like this could easily succumb to overuse of the word “urine,” a word which punches a reader’s brain pretty hard.  To avoid this, the author digs deep to find infinite colorful euphimisms for pee, probably the best reason to read this book – except for learning to drink your own urine!

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