Budget discussions for the big festival in Taiwan are now underway and now that my friend is involved I’m having to defend my low pay estimates for my participation because they are lower than what he would ask for himself.  Furthermore, the Taiwanese producers are playing with the number of shows that they are asking us to perform in order to lower our total fee without reducing our fee-per-show.

I told him that if he feels like tweaking his fee a little bit in anticipation of having less shows, go ahead.  I was assuming they were going to have us do something every day, but it looks like this may not be the case.

The big issue is that now that the Taiwanese producers are involved, they are doing a lot of the prep work that we were supposed to handle.  My lower fees and time estimates are my efforts to hold on to as much of the responsibility as possible without stepping on anyone’s toes.  I would rather do a good job now for little pay and be invited back for more pay in the future than to ask for a lot of pay now claiming that it is a lot of work and run the risk of them telling us that if it is such a bother; they will take care of it themselves.