Contacted a lot more acrobats for the film festival project over the weekend, and am waiting for their response.  These people are more ground-oriented in case we get screwed on the aerial stuff, but still, even just having one point will make our lives a LOT easier!

However, The Rocker just contacted me to tell me that as usual for Asia, the budget is getting to be a problem – Taipei city thought that the embassy would pay more and vice versa, so now the number of acrobats we can invite with a rigger is 3.  Furthermore, all of the artists need to be Canadian.  I guess they will be OK with a 30 minute show now, but even still, this is not easy to deliver with so few artists – and even this number is not confirmed.  A lot of work for nothing, it seems.

Anyway, as a result of all this work, I now have over 25 high quality, reliable artists who are interested in working in Asia.  If I could double that number over the course of the next couple of months, it might be possible to assemble a performance group on short notice for projects here.  A lot of Western artists are dying to get to Asia but have no idea how to get here on their own.  It would be interesting to establish ourselves as a company creating modern acrobatic events in Asia.

Another project in Macau may be on the horizon – if it is the kind of thing we can put up in a week, I am sure we can find interested acrobats from within the group of people I am already communicating with.

If we start bringing more and more artists over to Taiwan I’m wondering how easy it will be to stay the go-between.  My thinking is that if we can stay involved in setting thestandards for quality and the nature of the work that goes on over here, we can ensure our livelihood for a long run.

The Embassy thought the Taipei City would give more funds, and vice versa…