I hope there are a few sakuras left when I get back to Japan.  Things are not go as smoothly with The Contortionist being in Hawaii as I had hoped, but at least it is giving us a chance to say goodbye face-to-face instead of over email.

The weather is drastically improved, and I have been taking advantage by going to the beach as much as possible.  There is a beach called ‘Sandy Beach’ right on the Eastern side of the island that had a 2 meter shore break yesterday… looked great for bodysurfing.  I went out and it was crazy!  The waves were great, and I was geting through it OK, but then saw that I had drifted about 100 meters down shore in about 1 minute and was getting sucked out to sea!  Strong, strong, strong currents.  It was the first time I had ever felt them this strongly.

The signs for sewage seem to be dissipating, which is good, it gives more options for my days…

The island is more beautiful than I have ever seen it because of all the rain and now the sun that is coming out to make everything greener than I have ever seen it.

I went out to Haleiwa beach which is the first beach I ever went to as a kid, and was amazed at how small it seems to me now.  the hike and the museum are still on my list of things to do because I am just not getting around to these things!

I hope that I will by the end of my time here.

Just about 50 hours until Tokyo!