I have been working on the initial proposal to make to the artists for the Taiwan festival over the past few days.  Essentially, we will be asking the artists to provide all or some of the following services in the course of one festival day:

Stage Show: The artists will have the main stage at their disposal for one hour, which includes set-up, performance, and take-down time.  Actual performance time is meant to last about 45 minutes.  The artists will have the outdoor sound system at their disposal as well as the lighting system if the performance is to take place at night.  Technical needs and technical rehearsal schedule remains to be determined.

Animation: Artists will have use of a portable stage if needed.  Otherwise, animation takes place in the general space of the square.  The animations are meant to attract new audience members to the festival space.  A single block of animation is meant to last one hour with about 45 minutes of actual performing time.

Workshop: Workshops are meant to give the general public a chance to interact with the artists face-to-face.  They are meant to be interactive exchanges and demonstrations of the artists work.  A single workshop block is meant to last 45 minutes.

At most, an artist will be asked to provide one Stage Show, one Workshop, and one Animation in the course of a single day of the festival.  Technical needs and equipment for workshops and animations are the responsibility of the artist with the exception of rigging needs, which must be discussed with festival organizers on a case-by-case basis.

Special Notes: In some cases, and artist might be asked to provide a Master Class to local students and professionals in the performing arts.  In the event that an artist is asked to provide a Master Class, it will be considered a Workshop for scheduling purposes. Note: Any change in the artist’s fee between a Workshop and a Master Class is to be determined on a case-by-case basis.  If the Master Class is meant to last longer than 45 minutes the artist should be duly compensated.

Some artists will also perform in the New Creation.  Their performance fee for this project will be in addition to any other fees for their participation in other festival activities.

Another artist and I are to perform as MC’s for the nightly Cabaret, and our fees for this performance will also be independent from any other fees we recieve.

The next step is to start fitting all of the artists into the schedule for the outdoor entertainment.  I have already begun this process, but without the exact show lengths and final duties of each artist as well as final confirmation on their availability, a rough draft is the best that I can do.

We are also planning on having a nightly cabaret.  Depending on whether or not the new creation will be a part of these cabaret’s, we will need 4-8 numbers a night to make this a possibility.  We need to ask the artists if they have numbers (5-7 minutes long) that could be adapted to a circus cabaret format, and what their fee would be for that on top of their other duties in this festival.