Here I am still, in Hawaii.  It feels like it is day 100 of my visit.  My days have really become a search for the sun.  The incessant rain has let up a little bit, and the island is small enough (about 60km wide at its wides) that from the center I can make an OK guess as to where the weather might be best.  I put about 200km on the car today just driving from place to place.  I am wishing I had a way to attach my dad’s antique surfboard to the car, because today on the North Shore, the waves were perfect to try and get back into the surfing habit.

I found a soft piece of flesh on the ground by the shorebreak and picked it up.  It looked like a sea slug or a sea cucumber, and I was sure it was dead.  Such things are not meant to live out of water.  I poked it, and it did not move, and I finally left it in a tidepool and watched it for about half an hour.  I could convince myself it was moving, but ultimately, I decided I was smoking crack or something.

I continued my search for sunlight up and down the north shore, and found myself making a big circle, ending up back at the sea slug beach.  I figured I would check on the poor guy, and found that it had grown lots of tiny arms and was moving around and seemed quite happy!  a miracle!  it looked like it was evolving, and I was scared that in a few more hours it would be a human being, so I threw it into the ocean.  Even if he didn’t end up being a human being, I think he will be happier there.

It is really strange seeing Japanese people out of their native environment, and they really do seem out of their environment.  They are about as rare as gaijin in Japan once you leave the Ala Moana shopping districts and Waikiki, and they always look the same, the way that gaijin always look the same, but in a completely different way.  Strange.

It rained hard all over the island today, thunder and lightning and the whole affair, but I managed to stay out of it completely.  I conside that a success.

Yesterday was my grampa’s and my uncle’s birthday celebration.  I had already visited quite a bit with my uncle and my grandmother, so I spent most of the two-hour dinner (which was absolutely delicious, I can tell you… three courses plus a dessert and coffee… mmm.  it will be a while before I can eat like that again) talking with my grampa.  I will tell you, I really feel useless when I talk to him.  he isn’t impressed with much of what I am doing, but he tells me this in a way that makes me understand that he expected nothing less of me than the things I am most proud of, and that I must now re-evaluate my assessment of my abilities in order to account for my recent successes.

It is frustrating, but I have had to learn to turn this sort of frustration into personal motivation.  Otherwise, I get depressed and run myself into walls until I die.  And that is not productive at all!

I have sunburn on my neck, which hurts, but it is ok because I am happy to have seen the sun even once this vacation.

I had a long talk with my gramma and grampa before they leave for Las Vegas tomorrow morning, and it was very nice.  Talking about taxes, my family, my dad, business, Japan, etc.  Just a good time.  I am amazed at how they look at things in such a different way.  Very practical, pragmatic.  I feel I still have so much to learn from these guys.

Ah well…  a couple of days left.  If I could leave for Japan the day after tomorrow, I would probably do it, though.  But I am glad to have had this break.  I am still really looking forward to a few museums and one hike in particular that I have still not had the chance to take…

I have been living life very easily.  In a way, I wish that the vacation side of things could be over.

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